Organizing Your Executive Job Search with Sterling Fulton

Linda Reyes

Organizing Your Executive Job Search with Sterling Fulton Come listen to author, trainer and teacher – our very own in Sterling Fulton! Sterling Fulton, MHA – works at the University of North Carolina as a Social Researcher and Evaluator and is on the faculty at the UNC Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training Program. She knows the secret to getting communities to …

15 Effective Methods For Busy Professionals To Master New Skills

Linda Reyes Blogging, Forbes Coaches Counsel

Forbes Coaches Council CommunityVoice Modern business is in a constant state of flux. To stay flexible and sharp, working professionals and business leaders should also strive to learn new skills to assist in their career growth. Yet, starting and sticking with a skill until mastery is a hard feat to accomplish for busy professionals and entrepreneurs. Below, 15 members of Forbes Coaches …

Twelve Often-Overlooked Ways To Build A Strong Personal Brand

Linda Reyes Blogging, Forbes Coaches Counsel

In the age of social media, every professional has the opportunity to build and grow a strong personal brand. Like a corporate brand, your personal brand tells the world exactly what you stand for and showcases your skills and expertise. Many experts advise just being yourself when you’re determining what your brand should be, but a lot more thought and …

Decision-Making Anxiety Wearing You Down? 13 Tips For A Clear Mind

Linda Reyes Blogging, Forbes Coaches Counsel, Individual Services

Making decisions is something we do every day. Entrepreneurs, however, often have to make even more decisions than the average person, and their choices may have far-reaching effects and implications. It’s no wonder that many of us feel anxious when it comes down to making an important decision. We asked members of the Forbes Coaches Council for their best advice on working around the …

Professional Legacy Workshop with Amy Edge

Linda Reyes

Let’s come prepared for the Professional Legacy Workshop with Amy Edge, the leader of Leading Edge Institute! We begin with the question of, “What is our finest Moment?” We then ask the critical question: “What do we want our professional legacy to be?” We discuss core values and really focus on what we want our colleagues to remember about us. …

Branding Yourself? Follow These 14 Tips To Build Your Strategy

Linda Reyes Blogging, Forbes Coaches Counsel

Professionals who want to establish themselves as credible, reliable experts must first develop a strong personal brand. As with a corporate brand, starting your personal branding strategy requires a good, hard look at who you are — your core values, skills and beliefs — and figuring out how to convey those elements consistently in your digital presence. If you’re just …

Your Social Media Editorial Strategy

JohnOConnor Blogging, Individual Services

I would argue that those two are now blending and will continue to blend. By creating a more powerful purpose in your “social media’ regardless of platform you will be able to anticipate and be prepared for the future. The future to me looks like a blend. To be ready for that blend create a content and relevant editorial strategy to help define your future brand.

As Hiring Picks Up Watch These Trends

JohnOConnor Blogging, Individual Services

Watch these three trends as hiring picks up. Even if rates of unemployment fluctuate companies and other organizations will continue to demand the best talent. If you want to be recognized as the best candidate pay attention to what employers will do within the next year to ensure they have what it takes to handle any setback. Remember also that it is not always the person who is the most qualified who gets hired it’s the person who knows how to get hired.

Social Media Can Be a Mythological Waste of Time

JohnOConnor Blogging, Individual Services

Recently, an executive in transition, a $150,000+ earner, was referred to me by a fellow professional service provider. Let me call this person Paul. Paul came to me with no less than 50 pages of contacts, resume material and logs from his nine month job search online and offline. As he recounted the many in person networking hours and literally countless hours sending resumes, posting blogs and using social media channels I realized that his activity was quite fruitless. Of course I didn’t tell him that but it was apparent. Instead of being closer to his goal of securing similar employment as a financial professional he seemed farther away.