Big Outplacement’s Recent Contribution to the Issue of Social Networking

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One of the nation’s “top” outplacement firms publishes this on the front page of their website. They go on to offer you their “white paper” but of course that is not available. But what is available is this vague, mish-mash on the issue of social networking:

(Start of their brilliancy)

How social networking and your -reputation affects your career in a Web 2.0 world

Managing your personal brand is becoming increasingly important to advancing your career. It is also increasingly an online endeavor and one that presents significant challenges. LinkedIn and similar social networking web sites are useful and fast becoming a necessity. This paper explores the use of a wide range of social media tools for online identity management, job search, and career advancement and makes specific recommendations for their effective use.

(End of their brilliancy)

Now remember this folks who entrust big outplacement with millions of corporate dollars – It is also increasingly an online endeavor…THANK YOU! I can now figure out the maze that is social media. Great comment.

This reminds me of one of the greatest, quietly disturbing movie scenes (not just Clint Eastwood movie scenes) from The Outlaw Josie Wales. It’s when Chief Dan George talks about how the Indians were treated by the US Government. The advice to the Indian chiefs by the US – Endeavor to persevere. 

Woefully inadequate. Vague advice. Disjointed thoughts. PR and half-baked surveys to cover their inadequacies. Don’t expect too much more from your big outplacement program and you won’t be disappointed!

Breaking News from Big Outplacement! LinkedIn and similar social networking web sites are useful and fast becoming a necessity. Wait! Was this published three years ago? Nope. This is their advanced view of today.

Good luck with your online endeavors! Remember that social networking has now become an “increasingly online endeavor” for you. Did you even know it? Man!


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