Are You Desperate?


In career transition, most people exhort others to notice their need not their value. It borders on a surrender of value, indicating an often desperate sounding need.


According to Webster’s online here is the definition:

des·per·a·tion noun \des-peˆra-shen\

1: loss of hope and surrender to despair
2: a state of hopelessness leading to rashness
Here are a few observations I have gained: Don’t Just Deliver Another Newspaper. Are You A Paperboy (or Girl)? Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Are your screaming your need not value?


Do you carry your paper resume to most of your in person networking meetings?  At some meetings that clearly are not job fairs I see people with folders holding their paper resumes. This Paperboy concept applies to technology.

At techy focused events job seekers hold out CDs with their poorly conceived logo. The CD contains their resume of course and some other documents. Or they announce that they are “a consultant” who is also in “job transition” in so many words. At other events the “really cool job seekers” hand out thumb drives so you can download their resume right there! Bold? Desperate.

A recruiter said to me – What next? This guy going to follow me to my house? Scary.

Or the newest trend? Lurking job seekers have a video of themselves or a link to a video of themselves announcing their talents in a poorly conceived, self-defeating video resume. They hand it out if possible and try to get you to link to their “cool” branding statement. What ever happened to building a relationship, asking questions and finding solutions?

So what do you need to do? You need to clearly communicate hope that you can solve problems, increase efficiency, drive revenue and reduce costs (in everything you do and say).

Is your career on a dead horse trope? Dynamic candidates work on every piece of their brand to refine their messaging. They don’t act like bygone era 1890s to 1950s paperboys screaming from a street corner.