Powerful Career Resources, Personal Support, Encouragement in Transition

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I recently found myself in transition after the position I had for 14 years was terminating. I started reviewing my options, checking online job sites, and even made a couple attempts to write my resume. That’s when I realized I need professional career counseling! Nothing in my professional career up tot his point had prepared me to market myself. Fortunately I found John O’Connor at Career Pro Inc. I chose him and his company because of his holistic approach to outplacement. To him and his team it’s more than finding another job. He sees outplacement as an opportunity to focus on the whole person, to identify skills and motivation, and to develop what he calls career branding.

As a counselor, he helped me through emotional pain, and loss that I felt. He helped me through the confusion of possibilities and branded myself as the professional that I am and coached me as I learned to tell my story, with confidence. John also coached me to develop a powerful network of key contacts and a meaningful network of outstanding people in person and online. These are people in multiple professions and industries and I can now say that I have developed win-win relationships in a very short period of time. And for all important resume and accompanying material, he provided me with technical support and wording that truly reflected my skills, value proposition and career goals. John truly searched for new ways to help people in transition with innovative, one-of-a-kind approaches. This includes working with clients and inviting them to “pay it forward” after they are hired. His alumni and contacts possess the same important qualities. I am thankful to John for his diligence and encouragement during one of the most difficult times of my life. I now face forward with new confidence and excitement for what opportunities I have now or will have in the future!